suitable home /tub for small female star tortoise?

by Maya

Can u pls give me advice for suitable or comfortable for her to stay in indoor. not exactly indoor but we have gallery type where sunlight is possible. right now we had putted it on bound shape tub, is it ok?? she trying to go outside the tub.

pls advise & reply me on my id:
its urgent......

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Aug 21, 2010
Star Tortoise Habitat
by: Shelly

When you say your tortoise is small, I am not sure exactly what you mean. If it is very young, it can stay indoors in a terrarium. It will need 3 square yards of space for every 12" of shell length.

You can use a child's wading pool or you can build a wooden cage. If you make a wooden cage, seal it with nontoxic paint or sealer. Be sure the sides are straight up and down so the tortoise can't escape. Also be sure the sides are at least twice as high as your tortoise is long.

Do NOT use glass unless you cover the sides. Tortoises don't like to be on constant display. Do not use wire.

Alfalfa pellets make a good substrate. Be sure there is a basking area of about 85 to 90 degrees. Also provide a cooler area.

As soon as possible, move your tortoise into an outdoor enclosure. Star tortoises do NOT do well indoors.

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