food for eastern box turtle

i was originally told greens for the turtle he would only eat romaine after his trip to the vet recently, i spoke with her about diet at this point he tends to ignore fruit and veggie and eat only worms(he does like peppers) 1. how many days a week should i put in worms 2. what are the best greens and fruits for him

i'm trying to get a good routine/diet any recommendations as to feeding routine
oh one other question i rinse my turtles eyes with water which he absolutely loves but if a drop off water hits his shell he runs is that normal or is it just his personality

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Dec 14, 2010
Eastern Box Turtle Diet
by: Shelly

I made a page about the turtle and tortoise diets. At the end of the page is a set of links to other pages for specific turtles and tortoises. There is a link there for the eastern box turtle.

I'm not sure about the water thing. It sounds like a personality thing to me.

Keep it slow and steady.

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