baby sulcata help!!!

by shosh

I recently got my baby sulcata two days ago and I haven't seen him eat once. I am worried. He also has pooped this white toothpastey substance. He sleeps a lot, and I once saw a bubble blow out of his nose. I am worried that he isnt eating or moving around much, He sleeps a lot. Is that normal for a baby? Thanks!

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Dec 17, 2010
Sick Pet
by: Shelly

White poop is no problem. Tortoises can be like birds in that respect.

Bubbles are a problem. They probably indicate a respiratory problem.

You could have a problem with heat and lighting. This link to a page on lighting might help.

You should see a vet as soon as possible. It's generally a good idea to take any new pet for general check-up. This pet seems to be ill, so it's even more important.

Keep it slow and steady.

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