Eyes Won't Open,

by Alisha Wylie

I have a turtle, and his little eyes have been shut for over two weeks, I looked it up and it said it was an vitiam A problem, so I have been giving him turtle Vitiam A eyedrops, and he can't see to eat good so I've been making sure to hand feed him every two days, so nutrition isn't the problem, Idk what else to try.

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Jun 15, 2010
Eye problems
by: Anonymous

Eye problems are serious and need quick attention. If the eyes have been closed for two weeks, you should really see a vet.

Jun 14, 2010
His eyes are opening :)
by: Anonymous

I got all my stuff from, Zoo Meds, U can find it in most pet stores and on amazon for pretty cheap. One thing that works really good for him is the Sulfa dip. I put him in some water with that dip for a while and his eyes open most of the time. the eye drops are called Repti Turtle eye drops from Zoo Meds. theyre like three dollars on amazon.com. and last a long time. u give them to ur turtles once a weeks to prevent eye swelling.

Jun 13, 2010
swollen eyes
by: Anonymous

where did u get the eye drops my turtle is the same

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