my tortois die

by Hilda Magallanes
(Fontana, Ca)

my tortoise had a shell problem from the day i purchase it in a pet shop in Chino,Ca I had it for 5 years it was about 45lb and with time little by little the back of the shell started sinking in, it look fine and all of a sudden my tortoise is dead, Now i don't know what to do to it where should I take it and why it die

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Feb 08, 2011
my tortoise die
by: madhoora

hello friend,
the fact is that now your tortoise has died, just burry it as humans.
the next time you buy a tortoise check it at the same time whether it is well or not.
one more thing i will like to tell, yotur torotise lived for five years, if you had understood about its problem then why dint you take it to a vet. it could had helped your tortoise to live more.

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