is my yellow bellied slider turtle sick?

i've had my turtles for about a month and a half now (two yellow bellied sliders) and one eats a lot more than the other and has grown a lot bigger. i cleaned my tank yesterday and today i noticed the smaller one is floating around, not eating anything and has a swollen neck like a lizzard. he climbed out of the container that i was keeping him in while i cleaned the tank so i don't know whether it's an injury from that or malnutrition from not eating enough during the time i've had him or maybe he's sick from the state of the tank before i cleaned it? the other turtle seems to be fine. is there anything i can do to help him?

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Oct 26, 2009
by: Anonymous

For the first comment, its most likely caused by bullying. Your third turtle isn't getting as much food as the other two because they are eating it all. Try feeding them one at a time. As for the original question it might be the same thing so try it. Also, for every extra turtle you need 20 more gallons. If what you're keeping them in is too small it can cause them to grow incorrectly.

Jul 18, 2009
is my turtle sick too?
by: Christina and Chris

i have the same problem! we have three turtles.. the 2 are fine. but the one is so much smaller then the others and doesnt eat half as much as the other two. it looks like it has no energy and just kinda lazes around.

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