ill tortoise advice needed asap please

by paula walsh
(west yorkshire)

Ive bought a six year old male horsefield and hes in a bit of a state ive had to clip his beak hes underweight and has floppy legs hes really weak and not moving very much ive been putting food in his mouth been giving him water by seringe and have been giving him calcium he has picked up a little ive taken him to a pet shop who know a bit about him they say that im doing the right thing but can anyone advise me further i want to do my very best for him thanku paulax

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Jul 21, 2010
Take him to a vet ASAP
by: Rodney Lewis

He is definitely very unwell. Take him to a proper reptile vet. This could also be a problem with parasites,worms and he is not getting the nutrients from the food he is eating.

Jul 20, 2010
sic pet
by: Anonymous

Does your tortoise have access to a UVB light? That will help with the calcium. Without UVB (sunlight) it will not be able to use the calcium it eats.

If you do have the proper lighting, take your pet to the vet because it is definitely not well.

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