sex organ or some organ comes out while it stools

by Travis B
(Saint Petersburg,FL)

I have a leopard tortoise hes about 5years old approx. i just noticed today when he was pooping that some orange lil balls came out with his stool. i felt them and noticed it was clay that i had removed from his pen several months ago. So obviosly he had some in him and is just now passing it which is realy odd because I removed such a long time ago. Anyways iwas watching him go today and noticed something coming out then going back in his anus, it looked like a second tail or maybe his or hers sex organ. i watch him go quite often and I never saw this before and was worried maybe something might be wrong with him. I had him inside in his pen for an extended period of time and hes just been able to start going outside daily and it seems like he passes alot more stool when hes outside. Alot more then when hes inside, say he goes once every few days inside but when outside atleast once a day and when I first started pitting it back outside again he seemed like he had been constapated because he went poo several timesw in one day and they were turds that were as big as my small dogs would be and there was a phenomenal amount for his size I couldnt believe he could hold so much. I hope you can shed light on this for idk whats goin on thats also why I am telling you everything thats happend and maybe there is an explanation why. Thank You Travis

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Mar 19, 2012
Pink Organ from Tail

I'm keeping an eye on my nephews Star Tortoise' for a minute and today I gave them threir soaks,or bath? Anyway, I seen something come out of the Largest one. I know now that it is definitely a female. So,this kinda looked like a little pink shovel?! Is thia what they use to put the eggs out and into a hole? if so, what is this called? I mean, besides"vagina". Am I looking at a female? She has the small tail. I'm very concerned about her, she's beautiful and very cool. Not shy at all! I would hate for her to suffer in any way. Please, can you tell me if she's alright? Thank you, Turtle Nanny.

Aug 07, 2011
last comment continued
by: bougie

With clean hands (preferably With clean hands (preferably sterile gloves, but not everyone has these at their home), lubricate the organ with KY Jelly, and gently attempt to assist the organ back into the turtle. If this fails, as above with the intestinal prolapse, coat the penis with dry, granulated sugar or honey to assist in reducing the swelling. If the penis does not go back in on it's own, you can GENTLY try to assist it back into the vent. If you do not feel comfortable with this, it's not working out or you think there is possibly damage to the prolapsed material, then get the turtle to a qualified vet. Some conditions need some topical medication to assist in returning the prolapse, followed by a suturing which will be removed a few days later. Waiting too long or drastically traumatized organs may require amputation, but this is a very rare case.

Aug 07, 2011
Post I found
by: bougie

I just found this information at and it was posted by sevenoaks.

There are two types of prolapses: Intestinal and penile.
Intestinal Prolapse

This is most often, but not always, caused by ingested gravel. The gravel is eaten and when pushed to exit the turtle?s system, it becomes lodged in the intestinal tract and, when forced out by the turtle, it exits the body bringing the intestinal tract out with it. Another cause is an impaction in the stomach that is finally released. These are usually self-repairing, as the intestinal tract retracts back into the body once the feces are expelled. If not, see treatment below. And yet a third reason has yet to be determined. Believed to be secondary to an existing condition, it is uncertain why turtles will sometime have these prolapse conditions for unknown reasons, most times, repairing themselves shortly after.

Once this happens, the turtle must be removed from the habitat, as other turtles (as well as the prolapsed turtle itself) my see this as a food item and bite it, causing serious injury and often times, death. Recommended home treatment is to place the animal in a clean, smooth container (I use the bathtub) and coat the prolapse with either granulated sugar (dry sugar, not a water:sugar solution) or honey. This will assist in reducing any swelling and hopefully allow the prolapsed item to be drawn back into the body. It is best to immobilize the turtle to prevent the animal from stepping on it, dragging it, cutting it, or even severing it while it walks and/or struggles. If it goes back in on it's own, that's great. If not, once the swelling has gone down, you can GENTLY try to assist it back into the vent. If you do not feel comfortable with this, it's not working out or you think there is possibly damage to the prolapsed material, then get the turtle to a qualified vet. The vet will assist the animal, sometimes surgically, in returning the intestines to their proper place. At times, removal of a section of the intestinal tract is required, especially if the exposed tract becomes injured. The vet will also suture a purse string to help prevent this from happening again.

Penile Prolapse

This is sometimes secondary to an existing condition, but sometimes it is just one of those things that ?just happens?. When this occurs, the turtle should be removed immediately if housed with other turtles. I have personally witnessed one being bitten (yes, ouch) by another turtle, even though it was not in a prolapse situation. It is not uncommon for turtles to ?display? themselves for short periods of time or times of stressed, so do not be alarmed. At times, when retracting their organs, they may appear to swat or kick at it while it withdrawls. This does not mean they are experiencing a prolapse. If it goes back in, all is good.

Aug 07, 2011
I just whitnessed the same thing.
by: Bougie

I walked into the house today and looked over at Ted our box turtle and he looked like he was bearing down really hard to poo. He looked kind of contorted. Then I noticed that he had pushed out something that looked like organs of some kind. It looked sort of flat in appearance and was bigger around than his head for sure. He noticed me and then sucked it all back in. Im still a bit freaked out about it, ive never seen this happen. He has beeen my boyfriends tutle for a long time now, but I havent gotten the chamce to ask him about it yet today. Is this normal? He looked very uncomfortable as I am sure alot of animals would be pushing out organs. I am not sure if they were sex organs or not though. Any answers would be very appreciated.

Jul 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

You are probably correct in your assessment that being outside helps with elimination. So letting your tortoise outside as often as possible will help with the digestive tract.

You are also probably correct that what you have seen is a prolapse, an organ coming outside of the body. A penis often does this.

If this distresses you, do take your pet to see the vet just for the peace of mind.

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