My sulcata tortoise is not eating well...

by Nikki
(Wakefield, RI)

Hello..I have a 5 year old sulcata tortoise. He has not been eating much at all lately. His diet consists of leafy greens and some different vegetables. We also give him the different vitamin supplements that were recommended to us when we got him. About a month or so ago we moved him into a larger enclosure. The bedding and the heating is still the same, the only difference is that we changed rooms.

We are not sure if he is sick or if he is just depressed? He used to go crazy and run like a wild man in his old pen and now he just stays in the same spot all day long and it's just so sad..
So if any one has any advice that would be great. Should we see a vet? Or is this something we should be able to work with?

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Apr 15, 2009
My pet
by: Anonymous

My is the same way she use to run and eat so much food now she is not doing any of those things.What can I do she is year old.

Mar 11, 2009
Lifting his spirits
by: Anonymous

Do you have any suggestions on how to boost his spirits? I have read that they like bright objects..I was thinking about putting about putting a large red ball in his enclosure for some exercise, or painting a mural of some sort?

Mar 10, 2009
depressed tortoise
by: Anonymous

Did your tortoise behavior change as soon as you moved him?

If so, this could be emotional.

But if the behavior changed over time, there might be something in the new environment that is not good for him.

Another thing to think about is lighting. Is he getting enough light?

If he doesn't start to cheer up soon, I would definitely see a vet. Any change in behavior is something to pay attention to.

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