my turtle eyes are swollen


is there any medicine for my baby to get cure soon from their sickness.Since 1 week had passed off, with their sickness.i can't see my baby in such a bad condition. so please help me.

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Aug 02, 2010
my turtle's eyes are swollen
by: Susan

The turtle is lacking Vitamin A...good pellets for food while a baby, adding his dark greens when about 5-6 months old, but he needs the UVA warmth over a basking area in his tank.temp's should be upper 80's to low 90's F. and warmer water while a baby, 79-82 F, UVB lighting to help metabolize his food, so that his eyes are bright and healthy and bones and shell are hard..the vitamin AS. Calcium, phosphorus, B vitamin's...etc is what he needs in his diet, and a few pellets fed to him in the morning and early evening every day. Fresh water using a good filtration system, and water changes and cuddle fish to water.. these will keep him healthy, you have to get him eating, and in order to do that, his eyes must be open, a vet might have to give him vitamin A shots to help. I wish you the best, sincerely, Susan.

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