My red foot keeps getting stuck on his back

by Chelsa Burford
(Austin, TX)

ok two times in the last week i have found one of my tortoises belly up in the water dish!

Fortunately he has survived both times, the water dish is less than an inch deep. But I know they can suffocate on their back any way. i have had these guys a year and this has never happened

I removed their shelter the first time since it was rounded and i figured he climbed up in and fell off

But I have no idea how he did it this time. like I said the water dish is less that an inch deep, the lip of the dish is flush with the sand and pete moss mix they live in.

there is nothing left for them to climb on, i took everything out because i was so terrified the first time. So when i came home today, I was like how is that possible?

all i can figure is maybe he was climbing on the other tortoise back and tipped over. They climb on each other.

Any way if anybody has any suggestions on how to keep my little guys safe I would really appreciate it. I really couldn't handle if one of them perished from being stuck on his back. Please, please help!

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Jun 01, 2012
Hey chelsa
by: JOE

If its a glass home you have them in. try covering all around the bottom of the glass so they can't see out might help. they don' t know any better they are trying to walk though it:) might help from them trying to climb.
Hope this helps! $-)

May 22, 2011
Red foot on back
by: Chelsa

My tortoises have continued to tip themselves, I have witnessed them doing it as they climb around on each other, or when they try to scale to cage. I think that I may have to separate them, but I don't think that will fully resolve as I have seen them do it climbing out the water dish. The best I have come up with is coming home on my lunch break, so that there is no more than four hours between checking on them. Sounds a little extreme, but the guilt I would feel if one of them perished slowly while it was on his back would be far worse. I hope others are able to find creative resolutions as well, good luck!

May 21, 2011
Red foot
by: Bev

Our Red foot is also getting on his back I need help also how can we prevent this

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