my two year star tortoise


i hv a star tortoise.

he is perfectly healthy.
but there is this little problem
OFTEN in evening after his meal his legs(generally forelegs) get stiff for some time..say 5-7 minutes
i am in india so the cliamate is not very cold out here so the probability that it is coZ of cold is ruled out.
i hv got him checked with a vet and he has given a muscle and vein stimulant for him which i have been giving him since last 4 days.
it has shown positive results.
but i seek more information on this.
please guide me so that i can take PROPER care of my beloved pet
p.s. his name is BHONDU

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Sep 28, 2010
Star Tortoise Care
by: Shelly

I'm glad you got medical help for your tortoise and that the medicine is working. I'm sorry that I don't have more information on this topic.

This link may give you some additional general information...

Keep it slow and steady.

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