What is normal behavior for a juvenile leopard tortoise?

I have a 2 year old leopard tortoise. Her shell is normal, hard, she eats 2-3 mazuri pellets a day, she gets calcium a couple times a week, her eyes & nose are clear, she gets baths, and her average temp is 75-80 with the basking spot being 80-85. I have 2 questions...

Is it normal for them to sleep a lot during the day/ She spends time exploring her turtle table everyday but likes her log tunnel A LOT and sleeps most of the day.

She yawns sometimes, maybe a few times a day, but I've listened carefully and she isn't wheezing and she really does seem normal and healthy but I'm paranoid so I just wonder if the yawning and sleeping would concern anyone else or if it's typical behavior at her age

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