sick turtles

by bomba kunyaba

past 2/12 my turtle(male) developed swollen eyes both of em, refuses to eat anything. no vets around here. i tried using eye drops. left eye started healing but still they r swollen.

wat can i do to remedy this? i hav a small tank and i change the water twice a day. i reckon he may b blinded already.. occasionally ive noted him to scratch his face n perhaps due to his long nails, he injures the eyes on n off. plz advise! thank u. plz reply me urgently

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Sep 07, 2010
Sick turtle
by: Susan

yes, like the other comments, it is a vitamin A deficiency... this is how he should be set up, largest tank possible, a good metal vented lid for aquatic animals, a basking area, dock, floating, log, smooth rocks, a UVA light strong enough to keep the temperature over basking area high 80's to low 90's always during day from baby to Juvenile to Adult, I use a Sun Glo bulb, basking spot lamp, by Exo Terra, and change to the red bulb during night, and a UVB Bulb on other side of lid during the day for 12 full hours, then turn off the UVA bulb and switch to red, and turn back on for night, and the UVB bulb turn off till morning and start the routine all over again.. I have a heater in tank water about 78, nice, when sick maybe low 80's..
I have a very good canister pump running all the time, I do water changes, once daily, or every other day is fine, depending on age and size. I also have 6 small fish, and mine is a large tank. Water depth depends on kind of turtle and age, and size.., I take a cuddle bone that a bird would have and shave in that with every water change, find it easier.... also use treated water drops for water, the one I use is called repti-safe by Zoo-med, very, very good.. I give 3 fortified calcium pellets in morning and late afternoon, and added romaine lettuce and english cucumber at about 5 months, and gets that every day, I keep it simple and consistent, and he knows me very well. I hand feed him and always have..this diet will give the turtle all he needs for healthy eyes, Vitamin A and calcium and phosphorus for his shell/bone need those eyes close, it is hard as they will not could be the answer, now I know that vitamin A drops to the eyes can help. He needs to warmth from the UVA light to help stimulate his appetite, and the UVB light to help metabolize his food....I hope this gives you enough information to make the changes needed. wish you luck, sincerely, Susan...

Sep 07, 2010
glass tank
by: Anonymous

may be youre turtle needs an aquarium witch he cant see trough, because he might be banging himself on the glass and that could be bruising him.
hope this helps, and good luck!

Sep 07, 2010
Sounds like a Vitamin A deficiency
by: Anonymous

Your turtle could have a vitamin A deficiency. If his nails are long, you could try trimming them yourself with nail clippers or small scissors. Just be careful to do a little bit at a time so that you don't hit the vein.

Sep 06, 2010
eye problems
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry you don't have access to a vet. I'm not sure, but your pet probably needs antibiotics. At least here, you can get them only by perscription, which would need a vet.

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