Climbing Sulcata

by Ariel
(las vegas)

My baby sulcata has a half log hiding spot in his tank and he keeps climbing on top of it why? and when he flips himself over should i help him back upright?

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Nov 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

if it falls onto his back you must turn him over immediatley!! the longer they are on their back the higher the chances of death. this is extremely dangerous and you should definietly help him.

Jul 17, 2011
it's just what they do.
by: Jen

Any turtle will climb on top of things, logs, rocks, etc. It is perfectly normal, it's just where his little hang out spot is. There's no need to worry or remove the log.

Jun 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

Mine did the same thing and i took the log out.

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