lost russian tortoise

by Sherry
(Dallas, GA)

HI I lost my Russian Tortoise in my backyard. I have looked and looked. Is it close by or gone for good. How can I find him. Will he live on his own. Thanks

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Sep 17, 2012
Found our lost tortoise!!
by: Anonymous

Our Russian tortoise Rex escaped his outdoor enclosure yesterday and my son was devastated. We looked into the night with no luck. We left is food and heat lamp next to the enclosure hoping he'd look for heat or food at some point. At sunrise my son was up looking, a friend from down the road and my boyfriend as well...no luck. Around 10 am my son spotted him in the neighbors yard cold and looking for the sunlight!!! I was sure he was a goner but luckily we found him in one piece. So there is hope!!!

Jul 16, 2010
Russian Tortoises
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry you've lost your Russian Tortoise, they are real escape artists, I know mine have got out of their enclosure a few times.
Have you had him in your yard just running around, they usually will go to the same place, they feel comfortable at. Mine all have their favorite hiding places. Usually under a bush, of into a flower garden. They are great diggers and will dig under any soft dirt or leaves under a bush. They usually don't dig under to far, under unless they are ready to hibernate. That's usually not until early November. Recheck all around the perimater of your yard and or where there is a easy place to dig and hide. They like cool quit place that has some shelter for hiding. Good luck and I hope you find him/her soon. Let us know if you do!

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