My climbing tortoise.

by Kyle Anderson
(Marshall, MN Lyon)

I was wondering.

I have had my Red footed tortoise Kassidy for about a year now. She is a great tortoise, but she loves to climb.
I haven't read anything about this species and climbing. The major problem with this love that she has is that she has gotten flipped over on her back more then once.
I was wondering is there a way to keep my tortoise from flipping over on her back?
P.S. we don't keep anything in her tortoise house for her to climb except her rock in the corner under her heat lamp. She does try to climb the walls of her house all the time though.
thanks so much

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Sep 30, 2011
Flipping tortoise
by: Anonymous

A tortoise can live much longer than 45 minutes on its back. It's not pleasant, and I can't say exactly how long they can stay upside down, but it's for sure more than 45m minutes.

Sep 28, 2011
climbing tortoise
by: Z Dirks

My tortoise loves to climb up the French doors to try to get inside. But if I don't let her in, or I'm not at home, she'll keep trying and then flip over on her back. It's now 3 days in a row and 4 flips. I'm worried for her life. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone know how long they can live flipped over? Someone on another blog said 45 minutes, but I just can't believe that. She is under cover and not exposed to our desert sun.

I didn't let her in today and I'm hoping that I can wean her off of this treat of coming inside.

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