Sulcata Plastron Growth


I have a hatchling sulcata thats about 6 months old. He keeps developing a spot on his plastron right where the two humeral scutes and the two pectoral scutes all meet at the center. It is slightly pink and puckers up alittle at the points of each scute. I was wondering if this is normal growth or if I should be concerned. Last time it happened I put a "weak tea" solution of betadine on it after soakings as well as neosporin and it seemed to help. However I dont know if it was the "treatment" that helped or if it was just coincidence. Thanks for your help

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Apr 04, 2010
pink plastron
by: Annonymous

Pink on the plastron is not good. It usually means a blood infection of some sort. This would be time to see the vet.

good luck with that.

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