My Hermanns tortoise is restless.

by Sophie Wade
(Hornchurch, Essex, UK)

I have a 3 year old Hermanns tortoise. We recently changed the room her tank was in and ever since then she spends all day constantly pacing up and down the glass of her tank trying to climb up and scratch to get out. When we take her out she'll walk around for ten minutes or so and then huddles up and goes to sleep as if she doesn't want to be out at all. This is extra to the couple of hours or so a day that we usually have her walking around.

She's in a 3ft tank with a heat lamp, UV light and logs etc for her to climb on to make life interesting but this still is not pleasing her. The temperature of her tank is regulated between 22 and 32 degrees and the heat lamp is on a timer and so is not on all the time to try and keep her tank at a nice temperature for her, and she has a heat mat which is turned on at night.

We feed her a diet of mainly watercress with the occasional treat of lettuce and other greens etc.(spinach, rocket, carrot etc) and every other day she has vitamin supplements sprinkled on her food.

She was not hibernated this year as she was bitten by a dog and had to have a fiberglass patch on her back but she has recovered very well from this accident and shows no signs of repercussions from it, the vet is pleased with her progress and says that all in all she is a very healthy tortoise.

Do you think you could offer us any insight into reasons why she might be so restless? Is there any reason why she might be unhappy?

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Jul 09, 2013
its about
by: Divyesh

Dear friends I would like to ask that this hermanns tortoise is live in water or not. I have also a hermanns tortoise i find some where so i need your help about it.

Sep 14, 2008
A Pacing Hermann's Tortoise
by: Shelly

I'm not sure why your tortoise is pacing, but it might be because the pen is glass. If she can see out, she may be trying to get out. You could try to block her view from inside the tank.

As for the lighting, can you put your light in a place where she can choose to sit under it or move away from it? Twelve hours on and twelve hours off is a good routine, but it's also important for her to have a choice about how warm she wants to be.

Does she have a place to hide inside her tank?

If none of these ideas work, you might want to talk with your vet.

Sep 12, 2008
active tortoise
by: Anonymous

Aloha I have a 6 year old african spurred tortoise maned. Kui does as your tortoise does up and down the cage outside. I suggest the path your tortoise is taking that you create a maze with rocks or itmes the will not harm the tortoise to give them more moviability and maybe keep the tortoise amused LOL. I take my tortoise for a walk every day down our street when Kui and I come home he heads under the sofa for the night. This also give the tortoise a chance to find its own natural food to eat. But have to warn you if you do wlak your tortoise down the street get ready for the question " What kind of dog is that LOL." Good luck
S D Lynch & Kui

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