red ear slider

what does it mean when your red eared slider turtle has a white sore in its neck? is it sick?

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Nov 05, 2010
white on red eared slider
by: Anonymous

A couple of things could be wrong.

The red eared slider might just be shedding its skin.

Or it might have a fungal infection.

Oct 27, 2010
shell rubbing neck ?
by: concerned turtle lover

my aquatic turtle on its neck looks like the shell might be rubbing the neck area is now white not its usual color my other one is fine is he sick or something else wrong?

Sep 25, 2009
by: Anonymous

Can you post a pic? Is it a white bump like a pimple? If so, that is an abscess and you will need a vet to remove it. You'll also want to re-evaluate your husbandry.

If it's not a pimple like bump, it could be a burn if you have a heater. Or if you have more than one turtle, that is a common spot for bites. Anyway, please post a pic so we can give you some ideas.

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