My Turtle has eye problems

my Turtle is having an eye problems, its closed with a small red thing on top I'm using Alcon Tobrex ointment its for humans but it give good result ,, but this time its taking much time

also I noticed also that she keeps her mouth open and she makes a sound like tak tak all the time

please help me

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Oct 17, 2013
eye problem
by: Anonymous

The problem will become permanent if it is not treated. A blind turtle will probably die because it needs vision to find food. The Vitamin A may help, but a trip to the vet would be best.

Sep 30, 2013
Box Turtle Vison Problem
by: Michael Z

Hello. I have this Box-turtle I'm trying to help.. In his left eye appears to be a translucent film covering his whole eye.. (Like a cloudy membrane). I think he can still see out of it, but the eye's pupil seems to be smaller then the one on his right-side.. My question is; will some Vitamin A drops help dissolve this cloudy film.. ? Or perhaps, this poor Turtle has Permanent damage ? Please Help.. ( Reach me at )..Thanks

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