by Tracy
(North yorkshire)

My friend has a tortoise and her partner reckons that speedy (the toroise) can feel it when you touch his shell is this true because i wouldnt think that he could

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Jan 28, 2009
African Tortoise
by: Steve & Kui

Aloha I have as tortoise named Kui. Now on the african spurred tortoise if you look close on the back part of there shell there are to small crevises back there on the sdie near the top. I know when I rub my fingers up and down these crevises Kui begans to dance and really shaky his booty LOL so you can say they do feel through the shell. Aloha from Steve & Kui

Jan 26, 2009
Tortoise sense of touch
by: Shelly

What a great question!

You have fingernails made of keratin. The scutes -- the scales on the tortoise shell -- are made of keratin, too. So a tortoise can feel the pressure through the shell the way you feel pressure through your fingernail.

But just as you couldn't feel a feather against your fingernail, a tortoise could not feel a feather against its shell.

Keep it slow and steady.


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