Red-Footed Tortoise Compatibility

by Melissa
(Peoria, AZ, USA)

Sulatas, Redfoot, and Russian Tortoises

Sulatas, Redfoot, and Russian Tortoises

My fiancee' and I have two 10 month old Sulcata Tortoises (male and female) and one 4 year old Russian Tortoise (male), we just bought a Red-Footed Tortoise (female), we aren't sure how old she is.

As soon as we put her in the house with our other tortoises, she just sat there, and then after only 5 minutes or so, she tried biting at the male Sulcata's shell. We were wondering if this is because his shell looks like the pellet food the pet place fed her, or if she some how felt threat from him? And will this behavior continue? Will she start attacking the other 2 as well?

We love our tortoises very much, as if they are our children, and we treat them like that, and we will take her back to the store if we need to.

the picture was took at a weird angle and is a little bit misleading.

the 2 sulcatas on the left are the smallest, the red-fotted tortoise is the longest, and the russian is the biggest.

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Nov 18, 2010
MIxing Tortoises
by: Anonymous

I can't say exactly why your red-foot tortoise is nipping at your sulcata. Do they have enough space and enough hidey holes to feel secure?

When you mix tortoise breeds, you increase the chances that they will get sick. Each breed has immunities and weaknesses specific to that breed. Putting them together as you have makes it possible taht any disease one might be successfully carrying could apss to another one with dire consequences.

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