My Terrapin

by debbie summerfield
(Reading, Berkshire, UK)

my red eared terrapin seems unwell and lethargic. She looks in brilliant health and is in good condition. Today when she toileted in the bath, it was a deep reddy brown and I think there was blood in it. Is there any reason you can think of for this? I assume turtles don't menstruate? Could she be egg bound? Could it be parasites. I am only assuming she is female, but do not know for sure. I have two and at least one of them is a female because I have had eggs before. They are both a similar size. One weighs 1.9kgs and the one who I think is poorly weighs 1.7kgs. I am worried about her. She also seems to have a twitch with her head. Occasionally shaking her head quite strangely, like a little fit. Please help.

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Mar 14, 2010
blood poop
by: Anonymous

you should take her into the vet i think this might be serious but don't freak out, if you take her/him to the vet i'm sure the vets can take care of it but of course it might just be something she/he ate...

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