My New Hermann's Tortoise

Any advice would be appreciated. I just bought my news Hermann's tortoise home today! He is 1.5 yrs old and I want to make him happy!

He has been set up very nicely in his Viv, heat mat, heat lamp, UV light, log, etc. There seems to be some contrasting information on the Web and I would really like to clarify a few facts, such as;

Ideal temp and humidity in Vivarium?

At night, should I turn heat lamp and UV light off? (He has a heat mat)

And any other info that will make my Hermann's tortoisehappy!

Any more info would be greatly appreciated


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Sep 24, 2008
thank you reply
by: Sarah

Thank you,
My Viv is made from wood round the back and sides and 10 cm of wood at the front/bottom before the glass starts so he can't see out! He comes out for a wander round every day in the garden or house but if I think he is getting a little cold or he want to sleep I put him back in his Viv.

He loves lettuce but is it good for him?

He eats all his vitamins like a good boy!

Sep 20, 2008
Hermanns tank
by: Anonymous

Well we have our Hermann's tank at around 24-28degrees and we turn the UV light and heat lamp off at night and just leave the heat mat on and she seems happy enough. We would recommend setting your heat lamp up so it is on a timer, we have ours on for an hour and off for an hour during the day, this helps to regulate the heat in the tank and she seems lot happier like that. Word of warning though, Hermann's tortoises don't understand glass and so your little tortoise might try to headbutt the glass of the tank and try to get out! Ours seems to spend her life wanting to get out, and more often than not, winning her battle!

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