why did my turtle die?! :(

by melissa

i got a red eared slider 3 weeks ago. she appeared normal and healthy. then she got sick. i took her to the vet monday and he gave her a shot for vitamin A deficiency, said she was fine. then wednesday night i noticed she was breathing weird. it sounded like she was sneezing and gasping when she breathed. she also flailed her legs and then would stop for a couple minutes as if exhausted. when i woke up thursday morning she was dead. :(

why did she die???

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May 02, 2011
So sorry
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry your turtle died. The vet might have an idea of why. But even that would likely be a guess. It sounds like it may have been ill when you got it. But if you are going to get antoher one, be sure teh habitat is sterilized.

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