Im not sure if my map turtle is sick. Help!

by Nick & Kel


I have a Mississippi Map turtle who is about 1 year old now. He is very active and Loves his food (and LOTS of it). But his colour is pretty faded and his shell is not as bright as my other turtle.

When he was purchased he had what looked like a white, almost plaquey texture on a small portion of his shell which we were informed would dissappear once he sits in the direct heat lamp for a little while. But has time went on, the 'plaque' has not only grown in proportion to my wee turtle, but his under-shell has begun to, what looks like, diterearate.

Before I take my little guy to the vet, I was hoping that someone would be able to lend their insight as to what this is, and if it is anything to be concerned about.

Thank You for reading and I look forward to your input.


Nick, Kel, and the Turts :)

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