Tortoise bitten by another tortoise

by Liz
(Hermosa Beach, Ca.)

About two months ago,I brought home a Russian tortoise. The Russian tortoises that I have have been all over it.

This week I suspect one of my older tortoises of biting
the arms of the new one. The arms are bleeding. I try to keep them apart as much as possible, but when I put them outside in the enclosure that I built for them, it's
hard to monitor their activity. What type of medicine
should I put on these cuts? Is their a type of band-aid
that I could keep on this turtle's arms? Gauze and band-aids won't stay on.

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Apr 07, 2011
Fighting Tortoises
by: Anonymous

1. Separate these animals. Completely. No one, not even an animal should be forced to spend time trapped with a bully.

2. Take the injured animal to a vet. Teh wound may need special cleaning. The vet will help you with any necessary bandaging.

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