My Tortoise's cracked shell.

by Christian
(Woodstock Georgia, U.S.)

Earlier today, I asked what i should do about a small crack in the left side of my Tortoise's shell. The crack was very thin, about one inch long and was bleeding very slowly out of one part. I was told to bring the tortoise to the vet. About an hour after the tortoise's shell was cracked, I was able to stop the little amount of bleeding that was occurring, and the tortoise is not in any noticeable pain. She is acting as though it never happened, and the arm of which the crack is behind is working well. She is still walking around her enclosure without any difficulty. Should I still bring her to the vet?

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Feb 28, 2010
Cracked shell
by: Sarah from Northumberland

Hi there my tortoise had something similar but on the top of his shell but wasn't bleeding so I took him to a pet shop where I live who also sell tortoises lizards and other strange creatures and they were really helpful. They examined him and they said he was in good condition and that it was himself growing! Good luck

Feb 22, 2010
vet time
by: Anonymous

possible infection

See a vet


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