Squeaking Sulcata

by Grass Grazer

My Sulcata is about 6 months old. I have had my Sulcata for 3 months now. She currently resides in a solid wood 3x3 foot indoor enclosure (with grass, shallow dish of water, timothy hay, dirt, and her little house/hut. I have 2 thermometers, a UVB light, a UVA/heat light and at night a heating bulb.) I also have a 11 pound 4 year old dog and they seem to have an odd attachment or something. The Sulcata will follow the dog around the house and the dog walks slow and checks frequently to make sure she is still following. When I put the Sulcata back in her enclosure she will sometimes scratch at it and in the last week she has begun to squeak sometimes when left alone. I took her to the reptile-exotics vet Friday (4 days ago) and he said the turtle was healthy and on target for growth and asked me if something else could be making the squacking noise. I know it's her. Is she just missing the dog? I don't feel comfortable leaving them unattended together. What else can I do? She's going to grow into a very large tortoise so I don't want to get another one. Is this just a stage she'll grow out of?

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Feb 08, 2011
Squeaking Sulcata
by: madhoora

hi friend,
seriously there is an odd attachment as you say. but its always better to let your pet be happy. if your dog and your turtle are not hurting each other then its fine and let them continue with there friendship.
but i will like to suggest one more thing, when you let your both the pets together, keep an eye on them so that you can notice any mishaps if atall they occur. and also the dogs are generally dirty as they go around everywhere, this should not affect your turtles health, so just keep an eye on both of them.
just enjoy there lovely relationship as its really different and really special.

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