Moving tortoise eggs

by Rj

My tortoise is pregnant and i have an incubator but i dont know how to move the eggs without killing them plz tell me thx.

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Jul 03, 2010
How to Move Tortoise Eggs
by: Shelly

You asked how to move tortoise eggs. The answer is...

Very Carefully!

Not only can you break an egg, you can break the capillaries inside and kill the embryo.

So, first, prepare the incubator completely before you do any moving. That includes getting the substrate, the temperature, and the humidity exactly right. This varies from species to species, so check for the species you have.

Then move the eggs from where you find them as gently as you can. Perhaps you can use something that will take a bit of the original substrate as well as the egg. Keep the egg oriented as you find it. By that I mean, don't turn it over.

Keep it slow and steady.

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