problems with turtles

by taylor
(Huntington,WV. United states)

what does it mean when when my little aquatic turtle keeps opening its mouth and making a little tiny noise, barely loud enough to hear? and the other little one i have, has a really soft shell, how can i make it harder?

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Apr 01, 2012
what things dose my turtles need??
by: Anonymous

my turtles are red eared sliders,and they don't have the stuff that they need. And they don't have heat or a water pumper.I need to know what things i should buy,because i haven't brought the things that my turtles need.And its been five days already and i need help.

Jul 01, 2011
by: jose

From what I experienced baby turtles have a soft shell, if its an older turtle u need to feed it more, or food with mor protein. If it opens its mouth and makes a hissing sound its to try and scare u, its a defensive thing.

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