Baby Herman Turtles

A friend of mine, her tortise just had babies. How soon after the babies are born can she sell them/or seperate them.

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Feb 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hello ommmm I have a herman tortoise and she is only like 2-3months and she loves lettace but what's another good food to give her other then lettace and turtle food like fruitish wise???????

May 03, 2011
Baby Hermann's Tortoises
by: Shelly

Tortoises in the wild are always on their own. Their parents don't raise them at all. So, theoretically, you can pass on a tortoise at any point. But...

it would be good if your friend waits until the wee ones are well established. That would mean first of all that the yolk sac is fully absorbed and the baby is eating well.

Usually babies do better with a slightly warmer environment than the parents, but don't overdo it. If your friend is not sure exactly what to do, just keep the babies in the same sort of habitat as the parents and keep an eye on them.

Congratulations to the new family.

Maybe your friend would like to announce the babies in the Tortoise Brag Book. Photos would be nice, too. The Brag Book is at

Keep it slow and steady.

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