my eastern long necked turtle

by yvette golds

hi there my names yvette and i have a small eastern long neck turtle about half the size of my palm, i have all the correct set up and stuff for my little guy just a few worries.

first up iv herd alot of vairiations for what the water temp should be ranging from 20-30 degrees c. i have mine set at 24 is this a good temp? and second the little guy seems to love hiding under his floating basking dock the only time he seems to come out from the cover of the dock is when i have duck weed covering the top of the tank he seems to love this and becomes very active when i have it in there but when i dont he seems to just stay under the dock im fine with that and happy to keep supplying him with the duck weed i was just wondering if this was harmful as im not sure if the uvb rays will get through the duckweed?? onee more thing iv never seen him bask he seems perfectly healthy and i have everything set up correctly and he can get onto the dock fine iv just never seen him do it ?
cheers yvette

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Jun 21, 2011
UVB Rays
by: Anonymous

UVA or UVB rays should be able to go through duck weed considering they can pass through the Earth's atmosphere. I would continue to put duckweed in the turtle's tank if it keeps him/her happy and active.

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