What could have happened?

by Jojo
(West Chester, PA, USA)

Recently our apartment has been undergoing a few rounds of exterminations because we moved into an apartment with bed bugs. We have two Eastern Box turtles (Ruby is older and Kiwi is a year old maybe) and an African leopard tortoise (Oscar). We had one treatment done without any problems. But each time we have to remove all animals for 4-6 hours. The second treatment (they are two weeks apart) I found a bed bug (!) on Ruby. Also the exterminator had sprayed their bedding and no one told us after the first treatment, so after the second we removed all bedding and laid down paper towels as a temporary measure in Ruby and Oscar's cages (2' by 2' rabbit cages), the baby box (Kiwi) was in a 20 gallon tank so no changes were needed to be made there. They all have lived in these homes for over a year. This morning as I was packing them up to leave for the third and final treatment, I found Kiwi dead. She was alive the night before and had been eating lettuce. Her eyes were sunken in, she didn't smell, her head was hanging out of the shell, and her arms were movable. She was dead though, not hibernating. So sadly, I pack up the rest of the turtles and bury Kiwi. Then I get to my destination after an hour car ride to wait out the exterminator and no more than 20 minutes later my older box Ruby died! What the heck? I had left him in the sun with shade available for a little UV action along with my tortoise in separate containers. Ruby was completely sunken in. He had eaten the night before in fact had been actively moving around on the car ride. What could have caused this? No pus, signs of resp infection, shells in good condition, appropriate housing...I'm just so upset. How can two turtles who live in two different tanks die in the same 24 hour period. The only think I can think of is we had a heat wave and then it dropped to the 60's. We didn't have AC hooked up yet so it was close to 90 in the apartment the one day, could that have done it?

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May 15, 2010
sorry fir the news
by: Anonymous

Sorry about the tortoises by the way... i think the bed bug could have possibly given the first tortoise a disease and then it may have spread to the others, or they breathed in some pesticide. if i were yu i would give the other tortoise to a shelter for a few weeks until you can be absoloutely sure the bedbugs have gone.

Apr 11, 2010
Why did they die?
by: Anonymous

I cant' say for srue, but it sounds like they were exterminated.


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