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my turtle is a map turtle and his mouth stays open all the time. he used to eat on the first try now it takes sevral tries. what is wrong and how do i fix it?

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Dec 15, 2009
Map Turtle with opened mouth
by: Susan

Hi, to me it sounds like he is getting a respiratory problem, check your water temp, I would make sure it is 82 degrees, basking area, dry and should be up upper 80's to low 90's and check the room temp should not be too also the moisture in the tank has to have a way to escape, I have a really well vented metal lid that provides that. I also believe in lots of vitamins, my Map who is 8 months old, eats romaine lettuce like crazy and i guess he started loving it around 5-6 months old, still gets his fortied pellets, with vit c added, also cucumber he enjoys, and a little fruit, banana and apple, mostly romaine or leaf lettuce this gives his body lots of strength. you need to go back to basics, warmer clean water, good uv heat and uvb as well, 10.0 in mine, dry area. I hand feed my map in the water and he loves that. I would try some of these basics and see what happens. Take care, hope I have helped. Susan.

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