Is my indian star tortoise sick?

by Kim

Can you please kindly watch this video clip and tell me whether the tortoise is sick?
Cause mine does that quite often as well.
Thank you:)

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Feb 27, 2019
sick animal
by: Shelly

You have a very sick animal. Please see a vet as soon as possible. This is FAR beyond first aid.

Feb 26, 2019
Star turtle not eating food???
by: Raj

My star turtle is not eating any thing and his shell also gone very soft what to do plz suggest me what to do
And he is not opening hid eyes.

Jul 25, 2017
My star tortoise is help
by: Anonymous

My star tortoise is sick.she is not moving,not eating anything nor she is opening her suggest what to do.i don't have a vet nearby.

May 24, 2016
Sick tortoise
by: Shelly

Without knowing all the conditions, all I can say is to keep the two animals apart so they don't both get sick. Be sure you have followed all the care requirements for your star tortoise.


Keep it slow and steady.

May 22, 2016
indian star tortoise sick
by: megha

I have two star tortoise male and female and both are very active but past two days it seems like my female tortoise is becoming sick.Her legs becoming thin and she doesnt seems active like first she used to. In my locality there are no vet.Please suggest me what can i do....PLEASE

Dec 29, 2015
My star turtle is sick
by: Anonymous

My turtle cannot open her eyes. Her eyes seem to b swollen from outside.she is neither eating nor walking. What can i do now?

Mar 08, 2011
by: Shelly

A tortoise or turtle with bubbles coming out of its nose has a respiratory infection. That tortoise or turtle probably needs to see a vet.

Keep it slow and steady.

Mar 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

elo..same as star sometimes open his mouth to breath.but eating ok.myb,my star didnt want to bathing with water,only sunbath.if i bathing with water,more doing that and more nose bubble.i think,only sunbath can help this problem and keep always warm for new for star,but only that i know for recovery him and i already try this..if eating ok,your tortoise fine..gdluck.

Feb 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

but it has a pyramided shell

Jan 07, 2010
by: Beth

Don't worry your tortoise isn't sick. Mine does that alot too and I've put it down to him jus breathing whilst I hold him or he does the same head bobbing thing when he has a drink as well, so he may just be swallowing. Hope this helps.

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