greek tortoise

by sue

my tortoise isn't eating. what could be wrong

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Apr 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

First of all...make sure you know what kind of tortoise he is. Then double check pictures on the internet. Pet stores are not always right. Get a care guide specific to your tortoise.

Chances are...he is cold, dehydrated, or scared.

Your tortoise will need the following to be happy:

A 20 gallon tank...or the equivalent....bigger if possible....with a screen lid.

Dry substrate: I use rabbit food pellets. Tortoises like to bury themselves. Do NOT keep water in the will get moldy, and make him sick.

Make sure that you soak your tortoise 2-3 times a week so he can stay hydrated: "To correctly soak your tortoise, the water should be lukewarm and no deeper than the juncture between the bottom shell (plastron) and the top (carapace). You should soak for at least five to ten minutes each time and make sure the tortoise is clean and dry when it goes back in its enclosure." Use a water conditioner like Zoo Med Reptisafe, if your water has chlorine in it.

Hiding spot: they like plastic plants. He needs to feel safe.

Day Heat Bulb - ambient air temperature to keep animals active, provides heat.

UV-B Bulb - allows for calcium absorption, must be within 12 inches.

Generally speaking, tortoises are vegetarians, and need a varied diet. It is best to feed your tortoise according to his type, but this diet can be substituted until you find out what you have: Romaine lettuce...the darker green the better. Do NOT feed iceberg...there is no nutrition. In addition mix the following frozen vegetables (avoid salt): zucchini, carrots, beans, corn, spinach, collards, okra, and green pepper. Chop it up so it is easy to eat. Make sure the food is on a flat surface. Tortoises cannot reach into a bowl. I flip my tortoises bowl upside down, push it into the substrate, and put the food on top. He can reach it easily that way.

I hope this helps.

Apr 04, 2010
tortoise not eating
by: Anonymous

Several things could be wrong. First, be srue the temperature is correct. When it's cold, a tortoise's metabolism shuts' down.

If the temperature is fine and you are offering the right food for your kind of tortoise, you'll have to see a vet. Internal things could be wrong and a vet can tell you about those.

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