Overweight tortoise?

by Ellie

I recently bought a Russian Tortoise (not 100% sure of the exact age, but around 3 years old), and just wanted a few opinions on something.

I took her to the vet for a quick check-up to see if there were any problems the day after I got her, and the vet said she had very very slight pyramiding because she had grown too fast after being fed too much by the person who previosuly had her.

She measures 9cm and weighs 153g. What sort of measurements would you expect from a 'normal' 3 year old tort? And what sort of rate of growth should she be aiming for?

Also, I have looked up her measurements on the Mcintyre ratio, which says she is low weight for her length. How can this be if the vet said she is overweight?

I feed her every 2-3 days with salad leaves from the supermarket dusted with nutrobal - I give her a handful, then she usually eats what she wants and I remove any leftovers before they wilt in the heat. Is this the right way to be feeding her? (I am growing some weeds for her, but they aren't ready yet.)

Hope you can help! I don't want her to end up with severe pyramiding because of me :(

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