strange white stuff by my tortoises eyes

by Riin
(tucson az)

i have a mohave desert tortoise. hes only five years old and recently got out of hibernation, before he was really slow to start eating (and i live in arizona so its already about 90 degrees out) he also bobs his head up and down sort of jerkily and if you listen closely sometimes theres a clicking sound. He also just recently got some weird white stuff around his eyelids and his eyes look a little more sunken in than usual, im not sure if its just skin peeling off or dirt or if hes really sick.

he did like to crawl under my house before where my mom would put bug pesticide thar, im guessing that it could be that but the last time my mother put some there was last year and the rain and monsoons have washed our house pretty clean. also, when i bathed him or soaked him after hibernation he would just sit there and put his nose in the water, it didnt look like he was drinking but little bubbles would come up too, im sure to give him less water most o the time so he doesnt drown but hes been acting weird lately

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