Want to get a sulcata tortoise

by Fallon

Okay, I have one more question....I have wanted a sulcata tortoise for years, and finally have a large house...I live in Wyoming so my tortoise would not be outdoors much atall(about 3 months out of the year) Do you think it would be feasable as a tortoise grew larger to set up a large "pasture" in my living room with all the proper heating and housing needs and to let it roam during the day? I know I can provide a reasonable home for the first years but am starting to wonder about caring for a 100 lb animal in doors all the time...not the cleaning up or the corraling but the happiness of the animal.

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Aug 20, 2010
Sulcata captive habitat
by: Shelly

A sulcata needs a space of about 10 yards by 10 yards. This is probably much larger than your living room.

In addition, a sulcata is likely to dig. In the wild, they can dig huge burrows.

On top of that, these very strong tortoises can, and do, push over all sorts of things trying to get to the other side. Breeders recommend concrete walls. This is not an animal you want to have charging around in your living area, shoving your furniture around, climbing onto coffee tables, etc.

In the wild, a sulcata lives on grassland in subSahara Africa.

People who keep sulcata's in captivity have to provide cover and heat for the winter.

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