Horsfield Tortoise problems

by Gemma

I have had my tortoise for almost 3 months now. It took her a while to settle in and she didn't eat a lot for about a month. She still isn't eating a lot and she seems to sleep a lot of the time, even in the water. Is this normal? also i have noticed that she keeps making very high pitched squeaking noises. What do these mean? I have spoke to friends who say she is fine and just adjusting to climate change and that this call may be for a mate. What should i do?

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Apr 27, 2009
by: Susan

Did you buy her from a breeder or pet shop? If a pet shop was she with other tortoises in a tank? It may be that she has parasites and that is why she is not eating very much and lethargic. I would recomend taking her to the vet and they can treat her. It is a very easy treatment.

I have a 7 year old Russian Tortoise which I bought last year and I bought her from a pet shop before doing any research which I later learned was a bit mistake as breeders look after their tortoises better. My tortoise was riddled with internal parasites and needed four weeks of treatment. She is completely fine now but I didnt have a clue she had them. I think it sounds like a sign she has the parasites. You should get her checked out. I hope this helps.

Hope this helps.

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