Russian Tortoise Eating

by Maddy
(Mars, Pa, United States)

Hi, I'm Maddy, and my Russian Tortoise, Sweetie, is eating A LOT! When I give Sweetie some romaine lettuce, (Sweetie's favorite breakfast, lunch, and mid-day snack), she asks for more! I mean not literally, but when I go to check on her, she's in the nearest corner of her cement mixing bin that's closest to me, and opens and closes her mouth fast at least 3-4 times! When I give her the food, she gobbles it up really fast! Why does she eat so much and why does she open and close her mouth fast when she wants food?

Sweetie is really good with little kids, though she eats like a horse! She got bigger the past few weeks! She's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute though!

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Apr 25, 2011
Russian Diet
by: Anonymous

You'll want to vary the diet a bit. Grasses and other vegetables will be good. Add some calcium powder, too.

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