by Rachelle
(peoria az)

there is a rock jammed between my tortoises back leg and his shell. its so far in i cant grab it, and when i try he pulls his legs in so tight i can do nothing. it is causing him not to use his back leg :( i dont know what i should do? will it work itself out?

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Dec 08, 2010
yes, thank you!
by: rachelle

Yes, i thought so too, even called a couple. they had no advise :( and said to bring him in. well, instead i tried a luck, still stuck. then i tried olive oil, the rock would move a little ...gave it a night, and the next day it had worked itself out!! im sooo relieved! was gonna take him in if it did't poor baby!(hes only 1yr) i was scared id pull a muscle or stretch a tendon or scratch him trying to get at that silly rock. or that the rock would get inside of him an cause and infection :O but as far as i can see he's looking good! no sign of scrapes or bloody or raw skin and he is walking fine!!! i will keep an eye on him though! and his lil' burrow, and try to keep it rock free, that was too scary.

Dec 08, 2010
Jammed rock
by: Anonymous

You should take your pet to see a vet, preferably one that is used to dealing with tortoises, as soon as you can.

If there's a rock jammed between its leg and its shell then it could cause an injury which could also lead to an infection.

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