Gus the Sulcata chewed by our dog

by Anita
(California, USA)

Gus was chewed by our dog suzie.. we feel terrible. He is 6 months old. We brought him to the vet and they cleaned him up and gave him antibiotics.. they did not think he would survive. But he has. His shell was punctured on top and was cracked on the bottom. The vet said if he lives we should operate on his underside shell.. at a cost of 4300. I don't have the money and my husband worked on cars in the past ans said he could fiberglas it just as well as they do.. your thoughts please !!

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Mar 04, 2011
Sick Pet
by: Shelly

I'm glad you have taken care of as much of the problem as you have.

I certainly would not recommend that anyone simply fiberglass a tortoise shell. The tortoise is a living creature and needs many considerations beyond simply how to mix the ingredients. How will you allow for growth? How will you ensure sterility? How will you ensure the tortoise does not move during the procedure? What about after care? Will you recognize any other underlying problem that might still exist?

These are just the answers that fly off the top of my head. Talk with the vet about what you are considering and ask if there is anything I've left out. You can also ask if the vet knows of ways to reduce the bill without seriously compromising your pet's health.

I can understand why you are horrified by the size of the bill. This is one reason for having pet insurance or a contingency fund.

If you can't afford to have this done by a medically trained professional, consider giving your pet to a rescue center.

Keep it slow and steady.

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