corn eater

by cynthia

Is it safe for my tortoise to eat corn, bread wth lite butte and little chicken, for he loves it? Any ideas on what he is not allowed to eat. Thanks

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Aug 06, 2010
tortoise food
by: Anonymous

You can give your tortoise corn(raw). but dont give him bread butter or chicken.

Aug 03, 2010
Which tortoise
by: Anonymous

What type of tortoise do you have? It matters.

But most are not going to be eating chicken, or shouldn't be. Heroin addicts like heroin, but it's sure not good for them. Protein is not good for most tortoises and will cause serious health issues.

The butter is also a no-no.

Most tortoises need wild grasses or hay. Even some plants like alfala are too rich for them.

This site has a list of some things many tortoises eat. The corn might be OK in very small bits.

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