My Tortoise Wants to Escape

by sarah
(northern ireland)

My tortoise is continually trying to get out of her indoor home. We have had her for 1 month and she has just started to climb the walls. I am worried that the 'clunk' of her shell hitting the floor will hurt her. Today she turned herself over. She can't get outside as it is too wet and cold. What can I do?

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Nov 10, 2008
by: Cian

Ilet my tortois Maud walk around the house on her own otherwise she gets baurd

Nov 09, 2008
What can your tortoise see?
by: Shelly

If your tortoise is in a glass enclosure, your tortoise may be trying to get out to explore. Try to block the view.

Is the enclosure too small? That could be another reason for the escape attempts.

Is there a place your tortoise can be private? If not, put an upside down box with a hole cut in one side for a door into the tortoise home. That might help.

Keep it slow and steady

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