by Lilly
(Boston Ma.)

What does it mean when my female Russian Tortoise bobs her head at the male Russian Tortoise?

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Feb 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

No matter why she bites, if the biting annoys the male, separate them, or at least give him a good hidey hole she can't get at him in. No one deserves to live with someone who makes his life a misery.

Feb 02, 2011
female bites any why?
by: Anonymous

ok i had a male russan tortoise. i went a perched a female, she tends to try and bite everything. even my male turtle, should i seperate them. Or is there a reason that she bites?

Jan 22, 2010
head bob
by: arika

tortises use the headbob as a sort of hello. Diffrent species have unique head movements.This is how they identify themself to others.

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