Baby African spur thigh tortoise

by Dale McMillan

Can you feed a baby african spur thigh tortoise a aloe plant or is it poisonous or toxic to them.I have used the aloe on her shell after I have soaked her in luke warm water and dried her off with a cloth towel.Is this okay to do?

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Dec 15, 2013
by: Leisha

Actually, the Aloe plant is in their natural habitat in Africa and is perfectly fine for them. My tortoises love them. Not sure about putting it on their shell, though. I've always been told not to put anything on their shell except water and ointment if vet prescribed.

Oct 19, 2010
How much spav it needs
by: Anonymous

african spurr tortoises need a big enclosure usually they are kept outside!

Oct 16, 2010
aloe vera
by: Robaloie

unfortunately, unless someone else has knowledge on this subject of aloe vera specific. All I can suggest is pay close attention to your tortoise and see how he likes it. He will eat it if he likes it, just feed in small portions. This is how I try out new things for feeding my African Sulcata. I highly doubt it is bad for them. Again just pay close attention to their reactions. You can tell what your tortoise likes and doesn't like.

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