What type of tortoise are they?

by Annette
(Nokomis, Fl )

What Kind Of Tortoise Is This?

What Kind Of Tortoise Is This?

We have recently moved into a house in Nokomis, Florida. We also noticed that the house came with three tortoises. We do not want to disturb them. The house was sitting empty for a while so the weeds/grass was tall. Now that we actively cutting the grass I do not want to take away their food supply. I would like to plant a little patch of "something" for them. Please advise what they are and what should we feed them?

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Sep 09, 2009
Gopher Tortoise
by: Anonymous

I would say Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus), not Desert Tortoise (Gopherus agasizii) as Desert Tortoise are native to the west coast and the Gopher is the only tortoise native to FLA. I would just leave them alone. They are a protected species.

Sep 08, 2009
Who Am I?
by: Anonymous

This looks like a desert tortoise to me.

Try doing a Google image search for "desert tortoise." You'll see lots of examples and you may be able to tell if yours is the same.

Also in Florida there are many tortoise rescue operations who can help with identification if looking at the photos is not enough.

If your tortoises were living outside, whatever was there was probably good for them.

No pesticides. Wild grasses and weeds make most tortoises happy.

I hope this helps.

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